The Cowley Musical

For the last few weeks, Steven has been rationing himself to one musicals DVD per day. He has a compilation VHS tape called “The 50 Greatest Musicals Ever” and he’s been working through those. He has also gone back 20 years to his last year at junior school when they did “A West End Christmas.”

For your amusement, yesterday I asked Steven to chose his top ten songs from musicals. This is what he came up with:

1. Even though it’s not the Eurovision performance, Steven can’t resist shouting: “Muriel and Rhonda. How’s that for an on stage performance.”


2. Steven knows the script from the VHS tape and copies Maureen Lipman saying, “the testosterone exploded onto the stage.”


3. Steven has a signed poster of this from Kevin Guthrie and whenever we watch this film, he always says: “Ally is Steven Neary’s good friend.”


4. In the 2000 Christmas show, Steven’s class did Cats. Forgive my fatherly pride, but I’m glad he played the coolest role as the Rum Tum Tugger.


5. His best friend at school, Ali, played Simba. It’s been added to his long list of “Shows with Rowan Atkinson that’s not Mr Bean.”


6. Here’s a song that Steven doesn’t find very sensible and he orders, “Jodie Foster. Go and wash your hair with shampoo.”


7. Another ABBA classic and howls of laughter to the “My tits have fallen down” line.


8. Two days before we saw a matinee of Blood Brothers, a child psychiatrist told us “autistic people don’t have the same emotions as you and I.” When Mickey an Eddie died at the end, Steven was reaching for the Kleenex like the rest of the audience. Fuck you, Dr Buchdal.


9. The next song is therapy. Ever since Steven was at M House, he was anxious about going to prison. That’s how he must have seen the place. After watching Johnny Depp, he realised you can get out of prison. “Cry Baby Walker is a free man. Like Steven Neary.”


10. We can only end with 1 show. It was number 1 on the VHS tape and Steven often sings “a whop bom a loo bop, a whop bam boo.” when he’s having his hair cut.

The Cowley Musical

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